I am an award-winning and innovative educator. I am currently a Lecturer at La Trobe University where I am a leader in providing learning support for students on all campuses. I have lectured in English Literature at the University of Melbourne, professional communication at the Melbourne Business School and have a particular interest in  doctoral development including as an external supervisor for doctoral candidates at the School of Culture and Communication, the University of Melbourne and a lecturer in the Graduate Research School at La Trobe.

I have a track record of successfully managing small and large projects, of communicating between silos, and bringing about cultural change in institutions and teams. I am passionate about helping students and researchers transition into the highest levels of achievement through one-to-one and group teaching, and online engagement. I have a wider interest in university policy and governance.

My research focuses on the relationship between poetry and music; on 20th-century poetries; and, increasingly, on student learning and attainment. My next book, How to Fix your Academic Writing Trouble: A Practical Guide, co-authored with Dr Inger Mewburn of the Thesis Whisperer Blog and Shuan Lehman of ANU, is out with Open University Press in December 2018 (sign up to find out more about it).

I am available as a speaker and panelist, see my Victoria Women’s Trust Profile or contact me via this form. My Thesis Writing Masterclass is a 2-day program suitable for graduate researchers–the first session was given at Griffith University in September 2018.